vernis cles hard to use

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  1. I purchased a vernis cles (the "old" style) and i she is so hard to get in and out of. I had 3 cards in her and it's such a struggle to use. Any suggestions? will it loosen up? maybe i should exchange for a azur cles? the canvas has more give, maybe it's easier to use?
  2. You know.. I have owned a few cles and although they are so pretty, I have the same problem as you do. The canvas ones definitely have more give. I have the T & B cles now and I like it a lot better. I had a framboise cles and it was so pretty but my $ would get caught in the zipper all the time.
  3. they are pretty stiff they loosen a little but truthfully not much it's pretty much always that way
  4. I hear canvas ones hold more than double of what the vernis cles does. I would go take a look at it at the store and try it out before deciding. I think I am going to be ordering my azur cles this week before the price increase!
  5. Vernis is more stiff because it's made to be strong,but canvas cles are more loose and fir more because the inner corners.
  6. i gotta hate this... ive got the epi cles, and its a B.TCH to get stuff ain and out lol. the canvas is so thick!!!
  7. Yeah, I love my pomme cles but I do not like that it's so stiff. :crybaby:The canvas ones are so much easier to use.
  8. Good to know about the vernis. I have a mono cles and haven't noticed that it is tough to get in/out of.
  9. Havent has an issue,over a yr ago and its b een easy to use.I havent found it hard at all. I did get mine new. Perhaps stuffing it and leaving it in the sun for a bit will stretch it out. I have found mine to only get softer and easier to use with wear. I have used it non stop since I purchased it.
  10. If you can find the Perforated Cles that is the one to buy. It is a wee bit bigger than a standard Cles and has lots of give. I love it.
  11. hmm, thanks for all the feedback girls. i think she might go back....maybe i'll get a zippy wallet or something?...who knows!

    oh, and i just noticed! yay me, it's my 2 years here this month!
  12. it's certainly 'tight' to use. i returned the vernis pomme cles for a mono cles instead. the mono fit soooo much more. the canvas material is more expanable.
  13. I hope the mono cles is easy...I've got one coming in the mail!
  14. Don't worry the money is super easy to get into and out of!

    The vernis cles is very stiff and can't hold a whole bunch. I usually just hang my cles on the outside of my speedy or my Cabas Piano. Just to give it some flare. :graucho:
  15. I would exchange it for the new style bigger one