Vernis cles/dust bag

  1. do they come with them?
    I was just gonig thought my stuff and cant recall if I got one with my cles..:wtf:
  2. I got one with mine
  3. I received one with my Mono so I am sure Vernis would have it.
  4. Well, i'm going to have to go hunting..
  5. I think they should come with it... Vernis needs protection. :p
  6. my envelope pouch has one. my vernis 3-coil bracelet came with one too.
  7. Yes it should come with it esp. delicate Vernis.
  8. vernis should come witha a dustbag, as for the canvas items some dont but if the sa is nice they will give you dustbag and box and all that stuff
  9. yes, mine did.
  10. My pomme d'amour cles did come with a nice small dustbag with flap :yes:
  11. mine did, i think all vernis items do because they are delicate.
  12. ^ same here!
  13. noted
  14. all my cles comes with the dustbag
  15. I have a keyholder (not cles) in pomme, and it did come with the dustbag.