..vernis cles&change holder..

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..vernis cles&change holder..

  1. vernis cles pomme d'amour

  2. vernis cles blu nuit

  3. wait for new color

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    ..hello guys..i wanna buy a vernis cles..but i'm indecisive about the colour!!
    ..the colors that i chosen are pomme d'amour and blu nuit..or do you think i have to wait the new vernis color?
  2. Do you have anything in Pomme? If not, I vote Pomme since it's discontinued, although I'm sure it will not sell out anytime soon or before new Vernis releases in the summer. If you really want to wait for new Vernis colors, they may be introduced this summer, but there may be no guarantee that you will like them....unless you've seen a swatch of new colors!? Either way, the Bleu Nuit is gorgeous and will still be around.
  3. ..no..i've nothing in vernis..i like the pomme..but also the blu one..the pomme because it matches with all the colors..and the blu because i like dark color..but is more casual..i'm so confused!!..
  4. I have both the pomme & bleu nuit, so I'm no help :blush:. Pomme is more 'pop', bleu nuit is more sophisticated, IMO. Just depends on what look you are going for....
  5. Pomme............
  6. niry, Get the Pomme. Believe me when I tell you that the color is so rich and gorgeous that you will not be able to stop staring at it.
  7. THANKS DS..you are always very helpful!!
  8. I would wait for a new color. I love your cocker spaniel!!! I have one too!
  9. Get the Pomme; I really think everyone needs something in this color!
  10. Definitely Pomme!
  11. Pomme all the way!
  12. pomme
  13. pomme!! because the color is sooo happy! and if you love blu nuit, u should later on get a sarah wallet in that color- its gorgeous.
  14. Pomme for sure! I have one and love it.
  15. Pomme!