vernis cles as key holder

  1. Do you think that the vernis cles would be good as a key holder? i dont' want the key holder because i actually have a access card(size of credit) [maybe a bit bigger] that i keep with my keys. The key holder is too small to put the access card. Do you think the cles would hold the access card? hmm. thanks all for their input :heart:
  2. I use mine as key holder and quick running around wallet....

    Love it then I can't forget my keys or wallet anywhere ;)
  3. The cles is great! I have the green perfo cles and I use it to hold my license and atm card, so your access card would definitely fit if it's the size of a credit card. And if you're not using the key holder, you can tuck it inside the cles.
  4. If you want a cles that will def. fit your card and keys the perfo is the best one to get, it's the largest of the cles. The vernis on the other hand is really the smallest one, you should take a look at them in the store to see what will work best for you.
  5. :yes: yup, go for the perfo cles! it's great, and it's a limited edition.
  6. red, indigo, or framboise would be :love:
    I currently use my mono cles as key holder, I have my car/house key and auto start/keyless entry thing on there works great. Holds drivers lic, c/c and debit card.. Its great for running around and not worrying about taking a wallet.

    I say GO FOR IT !