Vernis changes color over time???

  1. I am new to vernis and I was just wondering...Does the color change over time? I am aware of the color transfers, but is it possible to have the whole entire bag change color? I was just curious because this Lexington on eBay is a beautiful green color, but I'm not sure if it's fake or not. Here's the link thanks.
  2. I think for that amount of discoloration it wasn't a "change over time" development - but more of leaving it "out in the sun/heat for an extended amount of time" discoloration. There have been many posts about how the light colored vernis is more prone to discoloration than the darker colored ones - esp. when exposed to heat/sun/humidity, etc.
  3. you should post all authentication questions in the authentication thread.
    that one looks like it was peppermint. the top laye of vernish on the lighter vernis colours does go yellow over time.
  4. I'm hoping this doesn't happen with the new amarante color !!!
  5. it shouldnt bacause the amarante is very dark. its not expected to happen to pomme either. fingers crossed anyway.