Vernis Brentwood vs Houston

  1. Hi!
    Can anyone tell me if the inside of the Vernis Houston is leather while the Brentwood in lined with fabric? How are they different besides the slight difference in size? Which is more versitile? Please show me yours~~ please~~~~

  2. I have the Houston - it is lined with leather. I don't think the size difference is so slight - the Houston has a much wider base, making it in my opinion a bit bulky/awkward when held on the shoulder. I actually liked the narrower profile of the Brentwood much better - but it's dimensions just were too large for my frame.
  3. Completely agree with everything Eveg said. Ideally, they'd have a bag the size of the Houston with the shape of the Brentwood. IMO, the Brentwood is better for use as a briefcase because it can hold documents, whereas the Houston is more of a tote. The interiors have the same cell phone pocket and slightly larger pocket, but the Brentwood has a fabric lining. You can see the inside of the Brentwood at

    I love my Houston. It's a beige-ish color somewhere in between the current Hazelnut and Pearl, and I think it's gorgeous!
  4. I had the same dilema and went into the store and embarrassed myself in front of the mirror at the store trying both on, putting my things inside, trying on again etc...
    I found the brentwood deeper than what I like, becuase I do not like to fish to the bottom of the bag for my things.
    I did not find the Houston to wide at the bottom at all.
    For me - I prefer a leather lining and went with the houston.
  5. the Brentwood vs. Houston issue has been discussed in several threads, so u might wanna do a search and check old threads out, especially this thread, where Ghost55 has pictures of both bags side-by-side:

    I have a Houston (see my sig) and I :heart: it, i love the leather interior. Since the interior is leather and not cloth it is a bit "stiffer" than the Brentwood, but I like that. And i don't feel it's too uncomfortable under the shoulder, for me at least.

    i'd say the main differences between the bags are:

    1) the interior (Brentwood: cloth, Houston: leather)
    2) the straps (Brentwoods are adjustable, Houston's are not)
    3) the width/length (Brentwood is "flatter" and wider, Houston is more "boxy")

    but anyways, pictures a worth a thousand words i'd go check out the pictures in the thread I mentioend. they show the bags side by side so you can really size the size difference.

    in case you're interested, here are some modeling pics of my pomme houston

    on the shoulder:

    on arm:
  6. Thanks for the info, it helps a lot, but I still can't decide which one to go for.... haha.
  7. ^ i think you just really have to try them both on at the boutique.

    for many people the Houston is uncomfortable under the arm, especailly when wearing a heavy coat (since the straps can't be adjusted). though this wasn't an issue for me since i don't wear coats anymore (i moved to LA, lol).

    i would suggest trying both on in front of a mirror, as well as putting your stuff in each one (indeed, you must "embarrass yourself" at the store, as Lady Chinadoll put it :p, in order to really figure out what would work best for you.