vernis brea or palermo pm or delightful pm

which one next???

  • vernis brea pm

  • palermo pm

  • delightful pm

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Jul 5, 2010
hi! i just got my first LV last feb, and i can't wait to get another one! i only have hampstead pm in damier ebene, so my three choices are: vernis brea, palermo pm, or delightful pm. i noticed a lot of people do not like delightful but i seem to like the slouch in it cause my hampstead is so boxy... so i was thinking of getting a hobo... but i have been wanting the palermo pm before delightful came out, i like that it can be handheld or shouldered... but when i went to the LV store, brea really took my attention!!! it's just lovely.. but i want a pm in rose florentin and i guess its not available (as i see online). would amarante be a "safer" color or should i go for pomme? i'm also worried how the vachetta would look like when it patina and is attached to the vernis.


Apr 28, 2009
We have similar taste:smile: I can have the hampstead and love it too, but agree it can be a bit stiff or boxy. have you tried the delightful? It is so comfy!!. And the brea is so gorgeous. I personally never had much interest in the palermo because the bottom was even boxier that the hampstead.

For me it would be a tough choice between the brea or delightful

However buy what you love.


Aug 12, 2009
My vote goes to Brea either amarante or pomme.

However, it depends on the use. The palermo is versatile. I had one before but i didn't like my patina and so it went to another loving home.

I'm keeping my brea pm in pomme and I don't usually use it and thus, i'm not so much worried with the patina. Still loving it.

And yes, get the one that you love.