Vernis Brea or Alma?

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  1. I can't decide which one to choose for my next bag, Alma MM or Brea GM Both in Vernis Amarante . I love big bags and the color, just cant make up my mind help!
  2. Brea - I think the alma GM as looks huge and loses the feminine nature associated with a hand held. The brea. As a shoulder bag, keeps the femininity at the GM size, though I prefer the mm size
  3. I would get the brea ...the alma GM is really big and I like that the brea has the strap option.....
  4. Hands down Vernis Brea. My all time favorite bag. :smile:
  5. Brea
  6. Brea too
    The only Alma I like in vernis is the BB size
  7. alma pm would be my choice... the other ones are too big IMO and the brea looks too formal for me.... just my 2 cents.... lol
  8. brea
  9. The brea is much more versatile. I love the fact that you can carry it on the shoulder. My brea GM is in amarante and I love it, it can be dressy and causal
    Have fun deciding!
  10. I don´t like the leather and vernis combo because of the vachetta brea will become on the handles. In this case alma would be my choice!
  11. I would say the brea hands down! 😁😁😁 I have the mm for date nights and weekends etc. but I find myself using her quite a bit she fits a TON including diapers and bottles n extra cloths ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392290748.096860.jpg
  12. Alma but in pm ;)
  13. Brea! Now I just have to get my hands on one...

  14. +1!!!
  15. Brea is more versatile . Alma is iconic . I love the Alma shape . Depends on what you are going to use her for mostly.?