Vernis bellevue gm straps.........


Nov 23, 2008
Between NYC and DC
When I first tried on the Bellevue GM several months ago, I though the straps would fit over my shoulder. After several months of lusting for it, I finally purchased it yesterday. But the straps do not go over my shoulder at all. The actual drop from top of the strap to the zipper is 7 inches. Did anyone else have this situation?
Feb 7, 2009
yeah, it's quite uncomfortable isn't it? do you still have the plastic over the straps? because in the store when i tried it on i thought, oh its fine, but when i got home it didn't feel right and its been nearly a month now, but my mum convinced me its the plastic over the straps that's making it feel uncomfortable. also, she doesn't really want me to get the pm because she thinks the bold structure of the bellevue stands out alot better in a big shape. also, big bags fit EVERYTHING and if the shoulder problem still bothers you you can always wear it on the elbow, it still looks good on the elbow its just that the straps are a bit long to wear on the elbow but it dusnt look overly awkward. i hope this helps :smile:

ms p

so blessed
Jan 9, 2007
wow 7" only! i've always thought the drop will be somewhere around 9". 7" will probably be okay for summer (summer is near!) maybe when winter comes again it'll be a perfect reason to get another LV :P