Vernis Beige Poudre: Alma PM or Brea MM

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Beige Poudre Alma PM vs Brea MM

  1. Alma PM

  2. Brea MM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please help me decide on my next purchase. :graucho:
    What should I save for Beige Poudre Alma or Brea???
  2. I'm a big fan of Almas, i own 2 both in MM which are GM now, anyway my vote goes to alma-such a classic super stylish piece of lv art...
  3. I love the alma.
  4. For beige powder color, i like it in Brea... For Alma, i like it in Amarante
  5. Brea!! I got mine today in beige absolutely adore it !!
  6. Brea!
  7. Alma =)
  8. Alma!
  9. Alma
  10. Both are gorgeou!!. I think the poudre will look amazing as the leather darkens on the Brea but my vote is Alma :smile:
  11. Alma!
  12. Alma
  13. I have an alma in amarante and i have to say normally i am not a fan of brea. BUT! 1 week ago i saw a girl carrying brea in Beige Poudre, it looked really so gorgeous! This makes me thinking about to get one. So what do you think now?
  14. brea
  15. I prefer both bags in Epi, but between the alma and Brea in Vernis - the Brea! I love light colored Vernis and vachetta.