Vernis Bedford - She wants to sell it, should I buy it?

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  1. A friend of mine got this as a gift, but she doesn't like the shape. It's brand new and she passed it to me hoping that I could help her sell it, but I think I'd like it for myself. This retails for $1300 but she will give it to me for $1100 if I want it. Help!! What should I do?? :shrugs:

    Before I make a decision, I must consult you girls here at TPF so I can get some honest no nonsense answers...

    Here are some pictures I took. It's the Monogram Vernis Bedford in Raspberry :love: (excuse the background I am doing some spring cleaning)


    So what do y'all think?
  2. Are you kidding? What is there to think about? $110!! Can I buy it?
  3. This is a cute bag! I love the color!
  4. Just my thought! The price is unbelievable! If you do not want it I think everyone in the purseforum would take it for 110$!
  5. ^^ LOL ditto.

    Have it authenticated first though! That's an AMAZING deal.
  6. Definitely!
    I love the shape of the bedford, soufflot, papillon! I have a soufflot and it really is quite roomy and I am so thrilled with it!
    Besides, the raspberry color is beautiful!
  7. Guys...... the price is $1100.00. It is not $110.00.
  8. Yes that was a typo earlier and I had just changed it to $1100. Sorry, my bad!

    Anyway, looking forward to more comments. I can't seem to find the datecode, looked under the zipper and everything. Also the opening is a little tight eventho the bag itself is roomy..
  9. Ppl....she says $1100, not $110.....that is huge difference!!
    Narico, if you have been longing for this bag and i would absolutely say yes. If you have something else in mind you might want to get, then i would sugguest you think twice.

    Good luck.
  10. Well....because she got it as a gift she should give it to you for a smaller price,you should have it authentified also.
  11. I think you should ask her to lower it to $1,000. If you like the shape and the color, you should go for it. It's a stunning bag. Keep us posted on the outcome.
  12. What a disappointment! Adding that extra "0" makes quite a difference! It's not much of a savings, so I'd say get it only if you loooove it.
  13. Well, I am actually not the in US. The price in my country is equivalent to $1560 in USD. So $1100 doesn't sound too bad. I don't know. Still looking at it...and thinking...:girlsigh:
  14. I wouldnt buy it for 1100, thats not THAT good of a deal you can find that one ebay for cheaper...if shell go lower to 900 I would buy it.. looks cute on you too!
  15. Oh, well if it's $1100, I would think it over. Make sure you really like the shape of the bag before getting it. Don't just get it if it's a good price. Think it over and make sure you love it first! :yes: