Vernis Bedford or Vernis Bellevue PM? Pick One For Me

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  1. Which would you choose and what reason?
    I'm deciding on the two styles for my next LV purchase.

    Thanks in advance!


    A) Vernis Bedford
    B) Vernis Bellevue PM

    Which color are you thinking??!!:thinking:
  3. depends on what you want to use it for.. if you have a lot of stuff I say bellevue but if you dont carry alot i say bedford...
  4. Well I'm thinking Violette but not sure yet. I like Pomme and Violette but on eLux Violette is not available in Bellevue. I love both colors though so it doesn't matter. Just the style.
    I've heard Bedfords a pain to get in and out of but I heard Bellevue was awkward to carry. So it's a toss up
  5. I just ordered the violette Bellevue GM from elux so I say Bellevue!
  6. ughhh... Bedford.

    As much as I despise Bedford's awkward opening, I think it's overall shape is more attractive than the Bellevue which has too wide of a base for such a small bag....
  7. Did LV make a price mistake?

    Why would Bedford be more at $1350 for a smaller size bag: 12x6
    Where Bellevue PM is $785 for a larger bag: 15x9 approximately

    Am I missing something????
  8. i would love to vote for Vernis Bellevua PM!!!..the shap and the color is gorgeous.So good luck!!!
  9. Bellevue PM.
  10. I vote for the Bellevue because It looks like it's probably easier to get in & out of and is roomier...
  11. Agree :yes:
  12. Neither.. the bellvue wud look weird if you take the PM, It looks much much much better on the GM size, ive got one and im luvin it.
  13. i like bellevue. i think bedford's a pain to get in & out of (i had one & it drove me INSANE-had to sell her a long while ago)...haven't missed it since.
  14. Vote for Bedford unless it is the Bellevue GM
  15. You're not only paying for the material but for the handwork...