Vernis Bag help

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  1. I am itching for a new LV but need help deciding. I love my Vernis wallet and would love to get a Vernis Bag. Which of the following styles would you prefer...... Alma MM, Rosewood, or the Summit drive. Thanks for your help !
  2. Alma
  3. Alma!! :tup::tup::tup::tup:
  4. Summit drive :heart: I just love the shape of that bag and you don't meet it often...
    What colour are you planning on getting?
  5. i have the Rosewood in amarante, and it's one of my favorite bags. i like it because it's small enough to be used as an evening bag, but still holds a ton of stuff. also i can fit it over my shoulder. the Summit Drive is gorgeous and holds more but it is hand-held only...same thing with the Alma. the between the summit drive and the alma, i'd guess the Alma is bigger, holds more, and is more "stunning" looking.
  6. Summit drive....beautiful bag
  7. I agree!
  8. Alma
  9. Alma is very popular and classic looking. I also love the summit drive in red! It is more of a fun bag. Both are very eye catching!

    I personally own the Rosewood, it is nice but the other two are better. They are both on my wish list!!!
  10. Summit Drive!!
  11. Alma!!
  12. Red....... But I love the orange color in the Alma :smile:
  13. I love the Rosewood. I think it's great 'cause it's a shoulder bag and it's compact yet holds a lot.
  14. Two trips ago to the lv boutique I went specifically to try out the Rosewood but did not care for the straps but the one I liked best at that time was the Summit Drive.
  15. alma