Vernis and MC heart coin purse-UK

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  1. I went to harrods yesterday and asked about the heart coin purse, the SA couldnt tell me the exact date of release but from her computer i saw the coin purse is priced at £175 for both MC and vernis.

    At the same time (still keeping my hope high) i asked about the sophie, the SA didnt know about this bag but she checked her computer and from that i saw the sophie is price tagged @ £210 ONLY.

    i so wish all the SA are lying abt the sophie not being released in europe or USA. £210 is a bargain
  2. Is 175 pounds, $345 US dollars???
  3. The MC heart is showing on but no price on it. I asked my SA about Sophie yesterday they also checked the computer it you are correct it is £210, he is looking into it for me when I find out more info I'll let you know.
  4. it appears so small from its dimensions...i think its darling, but i'm beginning to think its not really all that useful for me. *cries*

    strange that the description says that the charms should be on it as well...hmmm
  5. SUnday I went to the boutique they added me to the waitlist for the Sophie. They showed me the page about the mc heart but swore they had heard nothing about a vernie heart. :s
  6. ^which boutique??