Vernis and bag charm? Scratches?

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  1. Hello fellow tPf ers!

    I was wondering if there are any problems with bag charms on vernis? I´m thinking about getting one for my Pomme Alma but am a bit concerned about scratches? Does anyone have experiences on this topic?

    Thanks in Advance! ;)
  2. No problem with scratches at all on any of my vernis. Even my vernis cles which is inside my purse. I have had it over a year and it still looks perfect. Also inside my purse was my white mc wallet which has bad rub off. I have had the vernis cles and the white mc wallet about the same amount of time and the mc looks like crap and the vernis looks perfect.
  3. I wear my Tapage charm with my Pomme alma no scratches thus far! :smile:
  4. Thank you very much. Heychar, the Tapage is the one I am considering... :smile: But my SA was concerned abut scratching, so I wanted to hear Real life opinions. I own a Violette Heart whis was used as a daily bag charm and also no problems but I am a bit worried about the metal of the Charm rubbing on the bag.

    Anyone else experiences in this case?