Vernis Amanrate Sunset Boulevard or Roxbury drive??

  1. I am considering btw these two bags..which one is better? i am planning for attending my best friends wedding. Thank u!! :heart::smile:
  2. Roxbury
  3. I love both bags!

    Roxbury will hold more but The sunset blvd is sooo cute!!
  4. I like the shape and look of the Roxbury Drive more. It's sooo cute!
  5. I've never had the Roxbury, but I love my Amarante Sunset and can be used as a clutch / wallet inside a larger bag, very versatile!
  6. i'd get the Roxbury. The Sunset Drive is too small to take to a wedding IMO, because there's no room for a camera (I like to take my own pix at weddings :smile: ) Also, I just love the shape of the Roxbury in general, and yeah you can fit more into it.
  7. roxbury, imho i find the sunset design to be very 1980's. the roxbury is very now w/ it's french mod design and i LOVE it.
  8. Don't ask me.... I have both (in amarante) :shrugs:
  9. I love the look of the Sunset Blvd. better. I thinks it's sleeker.

    So my vote is Sunset.
  10. sunset, its so cute
  11. Lol, hilarious:roflmfao:

    I can't be of help either but it's b/c I think you can't go wrong with either. Have fun at the wedding!
  12. That's the way to go!:p
  13. I like the sunset. I would be perfect for a wedding. The roxbury seems a little casual IMO.
  14. sunset blvd. i LOVE it!
  15. Roxbury Drive? It pratical and holds more stuff than Sunset Blvd and you can use it as everyday bag? I don't know... .Sunset seems too "evening" to me....

    unless you can afford to have a bag that you can only use when you're shopping/going out at night?

    just my own thought