Vernis Alma vs. Graffiti Keepall?

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  1. Hey All~

    So I stopped by my local LV boutique today to ask a few questions about the Graffiti Keepall I've been drooling over...

    But I ended up walking out of the store with one super cute and super shiny Vernis Alma in Rose Pop :sweatdrop:

    However, now I'm not quite sure whether I want to keep the Alma or exchange it for the Fuchsia Graffiti Keepall!!! I know I can't (SHOULDN'T lol) have both...but I'm stuck on which one to choose :shrugs:

    The thing is, I feel like I wouldn't be able to use the Alma all the time because it's such a vivid (GORGEOUS!!!) color that might clash with a lot of clothes I own. Also, the shape I feel is more classy and elegant...I tend to throw on t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and flip flops/kicks most of the time so I guess it'd be a bit strange? It's a great bag, but it's a bit pricey for something I might not be able to use that often.

    The Keepall on the other hand...I've been in love with the graffiti LV pieces for so long that I have been quite eager to get my hands on one. But I already have a Murakami Neverfull and a Dentelles Speedy so I wanted something different. Plus I've always wanted a luggage piece :heart: But the only thing I think would irritate me is that it doesn't have a strap and I would have to hand-carry it while traveling...which...well...can get a bit hectic sometimes with massive suitcases etc etc ;)

    Opinions please? They would be much appreciated!!! :yes:
  2. I would get the Graffiti Keepall such a stunning piece. They are only available for a short time. It might not be available later when you have a change of heart. However, the pop rose alma is permanent item but if you don't planning on using it that much then don't get it. Since you tend to like to wear casual clothes, why not get the graffiti or the rose speedy. At least you don't have to baby them.:smile:
  3. Since it is limited, I would get the keepall.
  4. Get the Keepall and buy the strap for it I'm sure you can do that!
  5. I just returned my rose pop alma. I think it is just too much and would not go with very much. Go for a graffiti item, but I think you would get much more use out of a speedy than the keepall. Good luck!!
  6. How about a graffiti speedy instead and you could use it everyday.

    I notice you are in the LA area. We have a TFP meet coming up VERY soon. If you would like an evite pm me your email address and I will add you to the list.
  7. Go for the Keepall if you wear casual clothes most of the time or better still the Graffiti Speedy that you can use every day!
  8. ^^I agree!
  9. I would go for the keepall .. do you plan on using it everyday?
  10. Definitely the Grafitti Keepall.

    Although Alma is classic though
  11. Graffiti Keepall for the win.
  12. l think you know the x
  13. If you don't think you will use the Alma than return it for the keepall!
  14. I would keep the Alma, such a gorgeous bag but I think your heart is with the Graffiti. :smile:
  15. Graffiti Keepall for sure!
    It's more useful and.. it's LE :smile: