Vernis Alma - Rose Florentin

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  1. Hey guys, im just wondering if this color was a limited edition or is it part of the permanent line? i've gone to a few stores and all the SA's seem to tell me different things. some are saying that they will no longer be receiving the alma in this color and that its discontinued..... but i see that they are still available on the LV website so i am a little confused. anyone have any info on this?
  2. It is seasonal and I think it is at its end of life. Meaning, once sold, there will be no replenishment.
  3. ^^ I agree as the cruise vernis colours will be launched soon.. it is such a lovely colour:smile:
  4. thank you do you guys think they will get this color again next spring at least? :sad:
  5. I was told this too, so I purchased the Roxbury in Rose Florentin.
  6. Is it still in stock on the website? If it is just buy it from there!
  7. I refresh the page everyday. It's out of stock online for a while.
  8. There's a Rose Florentin for sale on eBay Vernis Brea MM. I'm trying to find out if this is the real deal. Did LV ever make the Brea MM in this color?
  9. ^ yes LV did and the brea in rose florentine. I was torned when I saw it. It is gorgeous!!
  10. What do you think it's worth? I'm not sure I can live without this purse, even if it is used and there's a few marks on it. I'm trying to get the date code from the seller now. The seller is having a hard time finding it.
  11. I think the rose f. Colour is sooooo pretty but I have to be honest... The color is not easy to care for. If u don mind the subsequent marks n so forth... Go for it. Consider carefully cos the stains n marks, depending on how bad...might be unsightly.
  12. I know, I have the Roxbury Vernis in Pearle and there's a blemish on it that can't be removed. I'm torn! :thinking:
  13. Does anyone know the difference between the discontinued vernis colors Rose Florentin(e?) and Noisette? I had a purse stolen in the Rose Florentin and I see one on ebay in the Noisette color and it looks the same. Help?
  14. I think Noisette has more of a creamy hazelnut tone ~ slightly more brown than pink. I love Rose Florentin too.