Vernis Alma PM Owners

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  1. How much can your Alma hold?
  2. That's a good question! I'm curious to know too, as this awesome purse looks a bit small in some of the modelling pics.
  3. I too would also like to know!
  4. I have a MM and it fits ALOT. I tried the PM on in the store and it hold a decent amount of stuff.
  5. I tried on the Alma PM in amarante at the store and it seemed a little small, but when I tried the MM it was too big. I wish they made a size in between. However, when I tried on the Alma PM in Rose Florentin it didn't seem as small. I really like it but I just wanna make sure that it'll hold a good amount of stuff.
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    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    Here's what I can fit in mine..
    pochette, Dior wallet, cles, the YSL sunglasses case is rather bulky so it takes up a lot of room.. I'm sure it's something that you probably don't need to carry everyday so it's actually more roomier.. My Blackberry would normally be in there too, but I used it to take the picture. ;)

  7. ^^ the alma looks great on you :smile:
  8. Thanks spablo! :smile:
  9. I know this is a thread on size, but do you think the gris will get color transfer? I don't know what would be considered light.
  10. iamsmilin, when I was buying my Alma, I asked the SA that question too. She told me that there's a possibility that'll happen and told me to keep my Alma away from news prints and dark denim.
  11. Thanks glamourdoll!
  12. So it looks like it would fit quite a bit... yay! I should just try putting my stuff in the purse next time I'm in LV
  13. In mine I carry a vernis cosmetic bag, my zcp, a cles, BlackBerry, a chapeau coin purse (about the size of a zcp). There is at least 2-3 inches left along the length.
  14. Phone, I can carry my Eva stuffed with things in it, I know I need a cosmetique pouch! can fit basically anything into the PM than you can do a regular mono alma-
  15. Sounds like it can hold a lot! Would the capacity be similar to that of a Speedy 25? Of course the Alma is more structured, though...