Vernis Alma PM in Bleu Infini or Amarante?`

which do you prefer

  • Alma PM Vernis in Bleu Infini!!!

  • Alma PM Vernis in Amarante!

  • Girl just go get your westminister already.... or another bag.

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only the best
Aug 13, 2011
constant state of wanting sparkle
I thought I decided on bleu infini, but everyone keeps telling me (friends and SA's becuase I've been trying these bags on all year lol) to go for amarante...

My favorite color is bleu so when I saw the blue I was all over it... but I know that amarante has a sexy sophistication about it.

Which do you prefer AND why?



Lovin My Sons & Dogs
Aug 1, 2011
Since you love blue & it called out to you when you saw it, I think you should go for it. I think that color is beautiful!! I have the alma mm in Pomme b/c that called out to me. I have another bag in amarante & it is beautiful (especially in the sun) but I am constantly wiping off the fingerprints.

There are a lot of people that love love amarante but if it's not your thing, get what you like! I think I read in another thread that there are only 10 alma pm's worldwide in blue infini'd better decide quickly! Don't forge to do a reveal


Jan 11, 2008
Bleu Infini - only because there is only a small amount of them left. So if you can get one, go for it.

Amarante and the Westminster will still be around when you save up enough for a second bag!


Aug 2, 2010
I love my amarante too. But if you really like the bleu infini better, go for that one. Get the one that makes your heart sing!
Jul 10, 2007
I Love the Blue and MORE so I like doing what feels best to you.
I only have Amarante is wallets and hate the finger prints, I love the blue.


Jun 15, 2010
:graucho:Bleu Infini
Looking gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these!

OP - from all you've said, I'd go with the bleu. I have different items in both bleu infini and amarante and they are both beautiful but serve different purposes. The B.I is a great go with everything colour but still has that special something that all Vernis has. As others have already said, it also seems to be around in much smaller quantities whilst the amarante will continue to be available. The fact that its you who always picks up the B.I and others who keep bringing up the Amarante, pretty much answers your question for me - its you who'll be carrying it, so it should be what makes you happy. Hope you do a reveal once you've decided - would love to see what you end up with :smile: