Vernis Alma Modeling pics.

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  1. I'm planning to buy a vernis alma bag in pomme, and i wana know the difference between the GM and MM size, there's none left in the shop. I have to wait. So can you guys post some modeling pics?? would really appreciate it :okay:
  2. GM Is gigantic for everyday use, you should probably consider the MM.
  3. The GM is HUGGGGGGGE. MM is big but not out of control. I have the Amerante MM and I LOVE it.
  4. I love big bags and I find the MM BIG (still lovin mine.)

    If it were slouchy I think it would be different, and if you filled the GM it would be really heavy for a handheld.
  5. Is the MM bigger than the normal almas? for example the multicolor?
    and Thanks JULy baby for th epics =)
  6. I have this bag (MM) in Pomme. To me, it's perfect, but I love big bags and I'm only 5'3".
    You will not regret purchasing this stunning bag!!!
    Please post pics if you purchase!:smile:
  7. The GM is more like luggage... HUGE... go with the MM it's big too... but GM.. definitely bigger!!!