Vernis Alma MM Rouge Fauviste or Epi Alma Noir?

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  1. Oh I so love that electric!!! You will be beautiful in which ever you choose. Can't wait to see!!
  2. Thank you so much for your help LV LoVers, I'll go pick my bag next week, I'll post pics for sure!!!
  3. vernis
  4. Vernis
  5. I am so interested in seeing the result of what you're buying, because I have exactly the same question. looks like more votes on vernis then! Let me see what you get in the end??
  6. Vernis Alma
  7. vernis..!!
  8. Life is too short to always be safe. Get what makes your heart skip a beat. Sometimes we need to break free a bit. Don't grow too old before your time. I'm not a huge Epi fan. A little too much like corrugated cardboard. At least go electric if you do go Epi. But whatever you do, pick the one that lifts your spirits and makes you feel really special and maybe even a little different inside. While I wouldn't do a tivoli pm at my age, I have been looking at bleu vernis in the alma. Rouge fauviste is a very pretty color. A handbag is one way you don't always have to play it safe. There are nylon work totes for a4 files. I'm all for classy, and I probably wouldn't go really bright Pomme in vernis except in SLGs, but don't be afraid to buy what you really love. You won't be sorry if you do. I can pretty well guarantee though you will be sorry if you buy a bag solely because it's the safe, sensible choice.

    Don't put yourself in the position of always wishing you had done differently. Its way way too much money. Buy what will make you hyperventilate because you're so excited. My friend died last week. She was always safe and sensible. Now she's gone. These little joys can be important. You just never know. LEAP.
  9. Excellent post!
  10. vernis
  11. Vernis. I adore Epi, but I choose Vernis Rouge Fauviste over Epi Noir. :smile:
  12. Vernis. Can't wait to see what you choose.