Vernis Alma MM Rouge Fauviste or Epi Alma Noir?

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  1. Hi LV lovers!

    I'm new to LV and thinking about my first purchase (well, I already have a little LV something, a Groom round coin purse, does it count?) I really need your help because I don't know which bag to choose between the Vernis Alma Rouge Fauviste and the Epi Alma in Noir. I'm looking for an everyday/work bag, big enough for A4. I LOVE the vernis Alma, especially in this colour but since I'm a bit of a quiet girl and not really into logoes I wonder if this bag is for me. I think the Epi one is gorgeous too but I don't like it as much as I like the Vernis. Do do you think I should go gor for the safe option and stick to my personnality with the Epi or buy the Vernis that I like so much?

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Vernis
  3. Vernis
  4. i really like vernis specially the RF(i've alma in blue and i love it) but for every day use, i think is better epi's line, because it's no worries, also vernis it's "high" maintenance i'm little bit afraid to use it everyday, because of scratch ecc..

    so.. Epi!
  5. Vernis. ;)
  6. Vernis!
  7. Well..I bought the Alma BB in RF and although I absolutely LoVe it..I think an Epi is more suited for a work bag. Vernis is gorgeous but it screams $$ and I'd rather keep my work stuff low key.
  8. I don't think the Alma MM wluld be suitable for work, go for the epi noir!
  9. Did they make the larger alma in epi? If not when? That is the bag you should get
  10. I doubt the regular Epi Alma will hold A4 files, but the Epi Electric which is the MM size will do so, I think that would be perfect for your needs and equally as beautiful as the vernis Alma but yet its remains discreet enough for work!
  11. Thank you so much for the replies

    I didn`t know about this one, that`s perfect thank you!!!:biggrin:
  12. Get the electric Alma. :smile: best of both worlds
  13. Vernis
  14. I really like them both but like some of the girls have said already, vernis does scream" look at me"....but that's why I like it cuz it's different. I have the epi noir and it's perfect for an everyday bag
  15. vernis. i love RF