Vernis Alma MM in Pomme or Amarante?!

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  1. I think I "need" an Alma in my life but I'm having a hard time deciding between Pomme or Amarante. I think Amarante is more versatile but a bit 'conversative'. Pomme is fun but is it too loud? Thank you!
  2. I loveeee the amarante. It is more versatile than pomme. Pomme looks great in the pm but I find it too loud in the mm IMO. You should just go with the color you currently don't have or one you love more. My fave is purple which is why I love amarante lmao
  3. Amarante is more classy IMO.
  4. I don't think Pomme comes in pm. If it does I would have bought one!
  5. I bought the pomme gm/mm (as shown on my avatar) and I love it. It is a power bag. Amarante is more about classic while pomme is more about expression.
  6. Both are amazing, but if you want a Vernis Alma, is has to be Amarante. It's just perfect.
  7. Pomme doesn't come in the PM. I vote for Pomme, it's stunning!
  8. Yea! Are you going to get one, too? Pomme is more of a statement bag and will be more bold & noticed. IMO Amarante is beautiful but more subtle. I think it looks better in the MM with amarante but like the pomme color too. Either way, the bag will be noticed! Which color do you think you'd feel more comfortable wearing? I love the pomme in the BB.
  9. Yes, I do want one without the cloth tag :smile:
    It seems like Amarante is winning.

  10. I vote for amarante, but my favorite alma vernis color is the nude color. I don't know if they still make them but the ones I've seen are stunning!
  11. I love Rose Florentine that was released a few years ago but I'm too scared of color transfer on Vernis since it's deadly.

  12. amarante
  13. Love both but amarante wins this one
  14. I seriously find amarante a little boring myself....
  15. I think they are both beautiful, but the Amarante would probably go with more other colors and I think you'd wear it more. Good luck with your choice (I wish I had that problem right now)!