Vernis Alma MM/GM vs Alma PM

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  1. I am looking to get my first vernis piece and decided on the Alma. I have seen the BB which is so cute and I love the strap but thoughts PM would be more functional. My decision is to go for the PM or GM(or MM not sure what they call it now). I have not seen either in person so I am unsure which size to get....I use a speedy 30 every day which is the perfect size for me for reference...I used to have a mono alma so I am familiar with the style..I need your help making a decision!TIA:smile:
  2. How tall are you? If you like to rock high heels then I would go with the MM which is now GM. I am only 5'2 but the GM looks better on me.
  3. I am 5'6 with a small frame. My husband thought the westie GM was a little too big. I am havin a hard time figuring out even after watching YouTube videos...I don't think I can talk my husband I to another 4 hour road trip to Chicago for awhile.:smile:.I probably am a flats gal more than heels...I'm afraid the GM will be overwhelming...
  4. I think the PM looks good on ALMOST everyone so you will be fine with the PM.
    I am 5'2" and curvy/fat so I love the GM not to mention I have lots of baggage to carry around.

  5. I am just afraid the pm being too small.. I still wanted to be able to use day bag if needed. i would not be making this my everyday bag tho....Do you have the GM/MM? I probably fill up my speedy 30 half fill on a daily basis..
  6. I don't have neither but I did tried on the GM and it looks great on me in Amarante. The Alma is very structured so overfilling will take away the shape and beauty of it. Can you order the PM and GM then send one back? I would go for the GM but I love big bags.

    Check out her video, she's about your height with the Alma MM in Amarante and it looks perfect.

  7. Thanks, good find!!!!...She is pretty close to my frame and it does look great on her. I found this one : where she compares to speedy 30. I am not sure I need to go any bigger than that. Dang it...I may have to do the road trip after all...
  8. Hi! :smile: Mine is the PM and I was pleasantly surprised at how big it really is. I'm 5'10" and it's a very functional size for me. I haven't had time to try how much I can fit in there yet, but the GM was way too big and very heavy when I tried it at the store. GL with your decision!
  9. Thanks! I saw yours in the Alma clubhouse..Congrats & its Gorgeous! Its so hard to tell from pics and videos the true size of GM.
  10. I have been hearing about a new alma Vernis size being released for the new year, possibly a size between the pm and gm. Im guessing the new mm size? I don't know how true but you might want to hold off. I was planning on the alma Vernis for Christmas, now I might hold off. I am also 5'6 and pretty slender I do not want a huge hand held bag.
  11. Thanks..I am leaning toward the Gm but I also heard there was going to be a price increase after the holidays..YiKES! I am not sure I can wait that long!
  12. No matter what colors or sizes are coming out, I feel the Alma shape is classic and Amarante is timeless. I was looking at some old vernis colors on ebay and they look so dated, lol!

  13. Do you think the high price is worth it for the bag? i am leaning toward the GM, I put my stuff in my beat up old mono alma and there was not much room when my daily stuff plus ipad was in there.... I agree the alma is a classic style, like the speedy, which will never go out of style......
  14. I personally feel it's totally worth it because you're paying for an ALL LEATHER bag. Bags like the Trevi, Evora are already over $2000 and they are MOSTLY canvas. I am more of a leather person at this point :smile: