Vernis Alma MM Amarante

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  1. Hi everyone I've been wanting this bag for the longest time but can't decide if it works for me. I don't really dress up, I'm always with jeans. Is this bag to dressy for my life style? I would really appreciate your opinions. thxs
  2. I have this bag in Amarante and Pomme. I am not a dressy person either. I wear both with skinny jeans/leggings and tops since that is what I am always wearing! I have seen people with it dressed up and down - both look great imho. I have a few bandeau's that I use on both bags that I think give them a more casual feel. They add a nice and casual (imo) touch.
  3. I agree it can be both. You can wear it with jeans, but I would also try the bandeau suggestion. It probably wouldn't look good in a tracksuit + running shoes though!!
  4. I LVOE the Alma MM in Amarante, it's gorgeous!
  5. Alma goes with everything! Adds a spark of class and elegance to any outfit.
  6. thanks girls, I decided to get it!!
  7. I have this bag and I love it! I wear it with jeans & dresses looks good casual or dressed up!
  8. ^^^ Yay excellent choice! Looking forward to your reveal. Trust me you will LOVE this bag.
  9. Enough said. There's nothing else to add!
  10. Oh yay! Cannot wait to see your reveal! I have the pm in amarante and love it! :biggrin:
  11. Alma vernis is the best bag i ever own..go for goes well with everything.
  12. I just purchased this bag, and I think it looks great with jeans and a white vest top plus heels or with an evening black dress. Its so versatile that it is suited to every outfit or occasion. I am so in love with mine.
  13. I absolutely agree - Alma can be dressed up or down, and can go perfectly with jeans... Definitely go for it - you will love her!
  14. Hi ! I know that you already got the bag , BIG congrats shes a masterpiece. Would just like to say that jeans look great with alma. A classy pair of shoes can go a long way. Wouldnt exaxtly wear sneakers with it but a Nice pair of ballerinas for everyday and french style or high heels would do her great justice without compromising your jeans ^_^
  15. hi thanks I still haven't used her but planning too :smile: