vernis Alma bb or vernis Alma gm?


Jul 14, 2012
Hi lovelies! As some of you may know, I recently acquired the Vernis Pomme de Amour Alma gm. I haven't even used her yet...she's a bit heavy with my things inside, she's bulky and I am not sure when to use her. She's too big to take for evenings out.

I am seriously considering returning her and getting the bb which I feel I can get more use out of.

ahhh, what do you think?
Jun 5, 2010
I'm 5'2... Do you think the GM is too big for my petite frame? The SA's said they didn't think it was but I'm not too sure. Lol

Yes, I think the GM is too big for a petite frame. My SAs insisted that the GM (back then it was called the MM) was fine for my 5 feet tall petite frame, but I never felt comfortable with how it looked or the weight. I sold it after a while and now have the PM, which is a great size for day into evening, and I also have the BB, which is always great for evening, and sometimes day, too, with the crossbody strap. :smile: If I were you I would go back while you can and check out the PM, which in Pomme is beautiful, as well as the BB, also cute and beautiful. Let us know!


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Aug 15, 2012
Oh really? Thanks for your input! I actually tried the pm and didn't like it. I guess I will stick with the GM. Thank you!!!!

Why didn't you like the PM size? I've been eyeballing Alma PM pomme for a while now. I haven't gotten anything since January :nogood: lol so I'm hoping to get something for Christmas. Just wondering why you didn't like the PM. I'm also petite (5'2'ish lol.)


Sep 13, 2013
I may be the minority here (I also prefer large bags), but I'm a petite 5'3 and have a GM and love it. I also don't take it out that often because it's a bit flashy (epi electric prune) and too large for a casual all-day wear, but that's how I planned to use it anyway.

If it feels big and bulky then you should look into the PM. It's so gorgeous in vernis!