Vernis Alma and MonoFlauge PICS

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  1. LOVE both very much! looks like it is a cottony fabric and not a canvas!

    3 different shades as well... very cool

  2. Although, this shade looks like Canvas and not a toile

  3. I like it! It's pretty cool! Goes with the whole safari theme going on right now.
  4. LOVE the Vernis Alma. No comment on the camo. LOL
  5. ^WOW that alma is gorg
  6. YES! Love the vernis alma ;)
  7. THe alma is Gorge!!!!! I love it , its breathtaking. WOW
  8. Oh my.. That vernis alma is AMAZING! Thanks for the pictures :yes:
  9. I didn't expect to like the alma and um.. I LOVE IT!!!
  10. ^^ Me too. It's gorgeous.
  11. OMG-the Alma:drool: But ohhh the fingerprints:hysteric:
  12. The alma is gorgeous! I can't wait for it's release!! :love:
  13. Vernis Alma is gorgeous!
  14. When is it being released?
  15. Love the vernis looks quite big!