Vernis Agenda in Violet!

  1. What do you guys think of the vernis agenda in violet? I went to store today and I fell in love with it. I am thinking of getting one. It is absolutely gorgeous.:drool:
  2. I really love the colour, it's absolutely stunning and it'd be lovely to get a piece of it. :graucho:
  3. You're right ---- the violette is absolutely gorgeous! I have the cosmetic case in this color. I imagine the agenda would be a great addition to your collection!
  4. I don't really use an agenda, but I were to ... I'd definitely pick the Violette! So scrumptious imo, but then I love Purple!!!:love:
  5. I've seen it and it is so cute. Go for it!
  6. i say go for it too!! gorgeous gorgeous color =9~
  7. I have this one and love it! I went to the store to buy the amarante one but when they showed me the violette I've immediatly changed my mind!
  8. Love Violette.....if you're looking for an agenda in Vernis, you should definitely get the Violette one.
  9. Violette is gorgeous! Good choice!
  10. i think any accessories are gorgeous in vernis, but the violette is just :love:
  11. I use my agenda all the time. Get it! It's a cute colour!:tup:
  12. I have it - I was on the fence about what agenda to get, and when I saw the Violette I bought it right away. I ordered from eLuxury; not sure if they still have it up on their site but it was delivered in like two days.Go for it!
  13. Violette is my new favorite vernis color. Go for it!!
  14. Go for it - it's a lovely colour.
  15. I LVoe it.
    I am waiting for Elux to restock it....I'm not too crazy about my black denim one anymore !!!