Vernis 4 key holder or cles?

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  1. I want to get something small in Amarante for my MIL for Christmas. She doesn't have any LV butI know she would melt for the Amarante vernis -- but I ned opinions.

    Should I get the


    or the CLES

    She has lots of keys but not really a nice keychain....
  2. i like the cles :] hth
  3. Cles !
  4. Cles!!!!
  5. The cles is cute, because it can be used as a coin purse too. Great gift and the amarante is soooo pretty too.
  6. i say the cles too! if you're saying she has a lot of keys, it is prob. the better choice since the 4-key holder only holds 4 keys. Plus she can stick creditcards/coins in the cles!
  7. cles for sure
  8. If she has 4 keys or less I'd get her the Keyholder .... but .... if she has 5 or more keys I'd get her the Cles.
  9. IMO the CLES!
  10. def the cles its more versatile
  11. Cles!!!
  12. I personally like the 4 key holder (I have the pomme) but I think that's more of something that someone has to choose for themselves. Not everyone likes that type of key holder. The cles, on the other hand, can be used for change, credit cards, receipts, etc. so it's more versatile.
  13. i have both. i would get the cles.
  14. I think the cles is more practical seeing as she has many keys. Plus it's so cute...heh!
  15. Jeez - you guys are no help at all! ;)
    The cles it is - thanks so much =)