Vernilover's LV Picture Book!

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  1. I still haven't caught my breath!
  2. Please come back.
  3. where did vernilover go? i could have sworn i've seen her posting around?
  4. Still love this thread!!
  5. Stunning collection, and the photography is just as stunning!
  6. Wow, I think I actually salivated over these bags. The OP obviously has impeccable tast and a money tree in her back yard to casually talk about $40k bags!! I think she is Eva Longoria. From her pics she looks like she has the same hair, coloring, and body type. That is my theory anyway :smile:
  7. actually the only thing i don't understand is why after more 200 pages of beautiful pics comments etc this thread is not on sticky really ?:tdown:
    i clearly don't understand mods here ...
  8. Your collections are marvelous. Thanks for sharing.
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