Vernilover's LV Picture Book!

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  1. I just spent my entire morning looking through this thread instead of getting anything done. Time well spent.
  2. I just saw this thread...WOW. Amazing collection. Everything was beautiful! And the shots...WOW.

    Thank you to all those who bumped this thread up! I hope Vernilover comes back with more shots of her pieces. Wow. Amazing.
  3. i cant believe i am just seeing this thread. this is amazinggggggggggg
  4. I just die in the LV heaven(this thread)
  5. I wish she would come back!!!
  6. me too!
  7. What an amazing thread and amazing collection! I cannot believe I haven't dicovered it earlier!
  8. They are all beautiful :biggrin: I love them :smile: Congrats!!!
  9. I can't help wonder if she's add to her collection and if so what she got .
  10. Just doing my periodic check to see if VL is back. VL, miss your wonderful contribution to the PF Community with your amazing collection and pics!
  11. does anyone know where she went or what happened???
  12. I miss VL :cry:
  13. omg!!! i'm so sad she seems to be gone!!!:crybaby:i just spent the whole morning looking at this thread again!!! have never seen better
    photos!!! pls pls come back!!!!
  14. I remember seeing this thread when I joined and I was in awe of the collection and photography!
  15. Your collection and photography are AMAZING! My day has been brightened by your thread! Thank you!
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