Vernilover's first ever reveal!

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  1. Greetings All!

    This is my first reveal, and so I'm a little nervous and excited. :sweatdrop: I started looking for this bag about 4 weeks ago, and last week, it finally came in!! :smile:

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  2. Bring it on!!!
  3. bring it on...:yahoo:
  4. So exciting!! I just got here in time!! Let's go!;)
  5. Ooh! Lots of first reveals! Hurrah!
  6. Congrats - let's see!
  7. Here is the next pic. The SA took out this box, which I have never seen before. :wtf:

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  8. :woohoo:How exciting ... what is it, what is it!!!
  9. Took you only 4 weeks to get it!! Wow!! You are lucky!! :yahoo:
  10. [​IMG]

    That's an interesting box!!

  11. I saw one in the boutique, but in a different color. My SA was able to locate this one at another store.

    Here is the next pic, any guesses?

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  12. My guess, with that box is that it's a croc with diamonds, but maybe I'm way off base.

    It's so sad...I'm so in love with the box, without even seeing the bag.
  13. ...It does kind of look like a jewellery box!
  14. Nice box. I can't wait to see the rest.
  15. Loving it.....