Vernilover's belated reveals!!

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  1. More please!!! Congratulations!!!
  2. so beautiful! i love looveee that kelly omg!
  3. Now the real question is did they have any inventory after you left?
  4. lol... hmmmm. unfortunately, my first name is not Victoria, it's actually Posh, and my last name, Spice, doesn't rhyme with 'ackam' either. nice try though!! :P

    I do admit, I got my croc lockit because VB had one though!!

    here are a few more pics, dust bags off!



  5. Way to go :tup: Vernilover. I like your style :yes:
  6. OH GOD!!!!!!!! This total strip tease all at once is too much for me.

    I was happy with this picture of just the boxes!!

    Seriously......... in awe...........can't speak........... adopt me please :P

    CONGRATULATIONS on seven incredible bags!!!! Each one is so beautiful! I hope you enjoy them in the best of health!!!
  8. Me too me too I was happy enough just to see the boxes! LOL!
  9. WoW!!!! I am lost for words

    Is that an orange birkin or yellow - I can't tell on my laptop?
  10. oh wow! is that indigo barenia with toile?
  11. OMG! You're a goddess! I'm totally blown away. Congrats BIG time!
  12. Ee-gad!:woohoo: Do I spy a 30 cm matte havanne?!:drool:

    Specs please...:buttercup:
  13. Stunning, congrats! Would you mind sharing all the deatails?
  14. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if and when you were going to do your reveal!

    You do not disappoint, Queen V! ;)
  15. They should be called The Magnificent Seven.