Vernilover's belated reveals!!

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  1. oooooh .. pretty colors .. show us some more please
  2. omg I love that Kelly. I think I am having a heart attack right now.
  3. Nicee! I love the fuchsia ostrich Kelly!:tender:
  4. I see an exotic!!!!
  5. Oooo look at those colours!
  6. HOLY BATMAN! That's a freaking lot of orange boxes and bags.
  7. :couch:I am all eyes :nuts:
  8. woo~~~ i love white birkins. they are so classy and elegant!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  9. ooooh, I wish they had that many exotics in stock, otherwise, I probably would have walked out with all of them! :P

    It is rare to have even a single birkin in stock at my local H, and it being an exotic one is unimaginable! I was already thankful they had multiple birkins on the store shelves, and a couple of them being exotic was simply icing on the cake!

    I'm fortunate to be able to acquire 7 bags between 2 stores on the same day! lol
  10. verni... is your name victoria by any chance? ;p
  11. here is a tighter shot of the left side..


    and the right side..

  12. Yipes, is that ebene croc??
  13. omgggggggg *drooling
  14. OMG.
    So beautiful... every one of them.
    Congratulations, you are one lucky lady!
  15. WOW x 7!

    I think you have enough orange now for Thumper to start a special thread dedicated to Hermes.
    Incredible, love the pink birdy.

    You have definitely burst the myth that there is only one birkin permitted to each customer per year at Hermes.