1. I'm confused. So Vermillion is in both 07 and 08 seasons??? I saw it in both sections of the reference library....

    So is this the same Vermillion?? Or is the 08 one a bit different??

  2. The 08 Vermillion is not out yet. It will be different to the 07, but we'll need to see photos of it or see it in real life to do a comparison :smile:
  3. I was thinking about the same question too. If it looks quite similar, I'd wait to get a City RH since all 07 Vermillion City RH are sold out. Or maybe someone can point me a place to purchase it? Many thanks in advance.
  4. havent seen any 07 vermillion city around, you could check with Corey from RDC.

    or wait for the 08 (should be out soon)