Vermillion vs Tomato

  1. Hii...

    I was recently at NM in Tysons and saw an amazing Red Hobo with gold GH but I wasnt sure which season it was from. The SA said it was vermillion (spring 2007) but she didnt seem for sure about that. It was definitely the smushy leather with no veiny distressed parts and seemed to me the perfect bright fire engine red. The other hobos and a city there seemed slightly darker and had more of a "blue" undertone in the red...they were in regular hardware. They said this one was the tomato fall 2007 color.

    Would you say that the vermillion is a brighter more fire engine red compared to the tomato from fall 2007?


  2. Wow - what we really need is a group photo of tomato, rouge vif, & vermillion side by side, no?

    I have a Vif and a Rouge Theatre, but that won't help much (haha).

    Who else is a red bag addict?
  3. ohhh i think i just realized i have a vif, i sold my rouge theater to a friend when i saw the rouge vif come out the following year.

    Do you have a side by side pic of your rouge vif and rouge theater tho?

    I wanted to just know how the tomato and vermillion would also compare to the rouge vif ;)
  4. i have a vermillion and i'd definitely say it's a very bright red! probably the brightest of all the reds cos of the orange undertones
    these are some recent photos of my vermillion taken in natural, bright BRIGHT sunlight!!!
    the last pic was when there was REALLY REALLY bright sun! i've never seen my bag ORANGE or YELLOW like this!! the other photos is a pretty accurate indication of how the Vermillion shade of red is like! a bright,warm and BRIGHT red! hope it helps (:
  5. I saw both at BalNY. Vermillion is a brighter red.
  6. ohhh thanks for the replies!!! :smile:

    I think I like the vermillion better as I have a rouge vif and I still find that slightly dark for me as I was hoping to acquire one thats a fire engine red (similar to the 2004 true red color)

    Did vermillion come with the smushy leather too?
  7. Hey Cory!

    I got your PM. If you are referring to the GH Hobo in Red at NM Tysons, it is in fact the Vermillion from SS 07. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I love the leather on that one.

    So far, what they have in the Tomato is the City w/ Silver GH and a Tomato First. But comparing the two, they are pretty darn close in color so it's very hard to tell which is which.
  8. Here's my vermillion Giant Hobo:

    I'm madly in love w/ it and haven't felt this much allegiance to 1 bag in ages.
  9. that giant hobo looks AMAZING!!
  10. wow that looks amazing...looks just like the one i saw at NM Tysons...leather looks so smushy and nice too!!! :smile: