Vermillion VS Rouge Vif....

  1. Can someone please post picture of the new Vermillion color bbag? Or have side by side pic of both vermillion & Rouge vif?? I really want a red bbag, but a lot places probably sold out of Rouge vif. I am wondering how the new vermillion compare to the rouge vif. Is it brighter? I have never seen rouge vif or vermillion in real life so I have no clue. :crybaby: Many thanks!
  2. sorry can't help with pics, but i can tell you vermillion is more of a true red, slightly on the orange side (orange-red), whereas rouge vif is a bright red with the tiniest berry undertone (blue-red)
  3. ^ITA with bal_newbie about the color differences. Here is a side by side pic (the vermillion is from LP's site):
    vermillon vs vif.JPG
  4. I much prefer the rouge vif because it's red-red while vermillion is more orangey-red to me.
  5. I saw both side by side at Nordstrom Sacramento and they are close, however, the vermillion is more of a tomato red with an orangey cast, while the rouge vif is more of a true fire engine red. The pic posted above exaggerates the difference--it's more subtle that that in real life. Still, after seeing both I definitely prefer the rouge vif.
  6. Love Rouge Vif. =)

  7. Thanks for the pic!!! I much prefer the Rouge!
  8. Wow...after looking at the Vermillion city, I just changed my mind!!! I love the color much more than the Rouge vif...I wonder if it's the lighting though. Thank you so much for the picture....since the vermillion is more easily accessible than the Rouge vif...I most likely end up getting the vermillion. :drool: Plus, it looks close to rouille which I love.. :love: :love:
  9. I am very pale and I know that any kind of orange/red clothing and lipstick looks horrible on me, but reds with bluish undertones seem to work really well. So I chose rouge VIF for my red bbag and I love it. Looks smokin' hot!
  10. Hi, LoriB: I have never thought of bag matching skin tone.....I am not too pale, but I know that orange/red clothing looks bad on me too..maybe rouge vif is better on me. :confused1: ....tough decisions. :supacool:
  11. Happy angel - if you love the rouille, I have a feeling you will love the vermillion. I think the vermillion is really close to the 2004 red that Nicole Richie has. It looks awesome on her.
  12. I think it is essential to see these colors IRL because cameras greatly affect the color of these bags. Notice how different vermillion looked in those pics. If you can, go look at them IRL, even if all the store has left in rouge vif is a coin purse or something.
  13. That's a good advice...Thanks ;)
  14. totally LOVE rouge vif!!! its just SO bright!!!