Vermillion Ulysse MM

  1. hehe HermesBB and I should totally be friends!!!!




    It matches the piping/lining of my birkinnn :love:


  2. OH, gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: Just PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

    So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: What kind of insert is that??? :smile:

  3. I love it! It also matches your bag quite nicely!

    Now I really need to get one of this after seeing HermesBB and yours. Let see, what color .... tough decision.
  4. Noriko, the Ulysse matches your Birkin beautifully! :love: Great choice!
  5. I don't have to tell you it's an amazing color. gorgeous. What a way for me to wake up and see this beauty!!!
  6. Ohhhh Noriko you did it again!!!:biggrin: :nuts: :nuts:

    Congrats again girl!!! Another beauty you got!! Love love love in the air!!! Hey did you any Birkin there for me?? LOL

    I keep checking my PM and hoping I hear something from you about the dream Birkin :lol: .

    Enjoy your Vermillion Ulysse MM!! Just gorgeous!!!:love: :love:
  7. wow, matches really nicely. great pick!
  8. What a beautiful sight together! Congrats!:lol:
  9. It's beautiful! What a combination!
  10. Beautiful and the perfect companion to your new baby!
  11. The perfect accessory for your beautiful new Birkin :amuse: Congrats, Noriko! :nuts:
  12. Congrats! That is so beautiful. Love the color!!!!:love:
  13. perfect combination!!
  14. gorgeous agenda! i love how it matches your Birkin!
  15. Oh the color is gorgeous!
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