vermillion?.. rouge vif?

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  1. is tat how you spell it?.. the new line of colors coming out on mid december?.. vermillion is the new red rite? i was wondering if anyone knows what vermillion red is close to?.. cuz i read that rouge vif is close to 04 red but i want to know what red vermillion is close to, please help!!
  2. Someone who posted a copy of the email bal-ny sent out for the new colors and they said rouge vermillion is very close to rouge vif. There is a lot of info on the various reds at

  3. I was told it was close to rouge vif but far more on the orange side.
  4. actually, i was in paris recently and talked to SA's at both BalParis and Printemps and was told the vermillion appeared very very close to rouge vif. i said i thought i noted some orange in it and they said no, no orange. one at balparis said it's more vibrant and "vif" than RV.
  5. hi ya
    I just got an email from my SA at BalNY and she said that its like a
    crayola red - its still very similar to rouge vif but just a true red. I hope this helps! :biggrin:
  6. why another red for spring:confused1: ??? I wish they would have done a bright purple or a bright raspberry or another bright apple green
  7. Me, too! Purple or yummy raspberry:love:
  8. Wow, more vif that rouge vif? :amuse: I also wish they would do more pinks and purples than make such similar color repeats. There's a lot of reds already...
  9. I agree pewter. Why all of the repeats and why so many blues. Take a giant crayola box and go for it Balenciaga. Lots of colors to choose from.:yes:
    PINKS :p
  10. guess reds are so popular, they keep coming out with different versions of it, thinking they will keep selling them:idea: ! even on this forum, rouge vif is so popular! I'm considering the new spring red for myself....but I agree with u all that there is too much of the same color schemes--like the blues and greens...
  11. ooh i would love a bright purple! that would be lovely!