Vermillion pix???

  1. I've searched the Documenting Colors thread, but didn't see any S/S 07 Vermillion. Does anyone have pics of bags in this color you can post? Is it an orangey-red?
  2. [​IMG]
    Hope mintpearl doesn't mind, but here's a pic of her twiggy!
  3. Ah, thank you!!
  4. it is an orangy red. But I would still call it more red than orange. It is a warmer shade??? brighter than the Rouge VIF. Rouge VIF is more a real red. IMO. I have a first i can post pictures for comparison if you like later tonight
  5. ^^I know I'm not the OP, but I'd love to see pics of your vermillion first - I've been wondering what that colour/style would look like.:flowers:
  6. I love the color in the twiggy!! :drool:
    vermillion.JPG vermillion1.JPG
  7. i'm receiving my vermillion tomorrow!! the package came today but i just got back from my trip tonight so i'm going to get them to deliver again tomorrow..i'll let you know once i get my vermillion!;)
  8. OMG Becca, your Hobo is so gorgeous. I love the leather on the bag, look so smooth & thick
  9. Every ones Vermillions are so beautiful:heart:
  10. okay here is my vermillion first. I tried to do a close up and I don't know if it worked. Also, these are indoors with a flash. They are more accurate than the outside light which made it look too orange.
    redbbag1.jpg redbbag.jpg closeup.jpg
  11. Vermillion is a wonderful color!!!
  12. Here is a picture of my Vermillion 07 day compared with my Rouge VIF 2006 City. Both colors are stunning!! :wtf:
    A Pair of Rouge 2006 VIF City 2007 Rouge Vermillion.jpg
  13. Ooooooooh - Purse-Ooooh - good "compare" pic!!! Would love to see the Red thread ( updated to include all the REDs to date!!

    • '03, '04 and '05 Rouge Theatre
    • '06 Rouge Vif & '07 Rouge Vermillon
    • then the '07 F/W Rouge when it comes out
  14. Another vermillion to add

    I thought it would be hard to match things with the color but it turned out to be quite versatile..