Vermillion: Out of reach? Or is anyone getting one???

  1. Any thoughts on Vermillion??? Looks like a gorgeous orange/coral.

    Is it an impossibility??? Or does anyone have hopes for this one???
  2. It looks beautiful to me, I'll definitely be getting one! :yes::heart: I just have to decide for sure which style. Maybe the Giant Gold hobo........hmmmm
  3. It's on my wish list but I would like to see more than the tiny swatch to help make my decision.
  4. I wanted it, but wasnt willing to wait a few more weeks till the store got them in :sad:

    I think it will be more beautiful in person :tup:.
  5. I believe I saw this at NM this weekend. I was surprised at how orange it was. Gorgeous, but definitely orange.. although maybe a tad more red than rouille.

    What do you mean impossibility?
  6. I'm getting a money in vermillon. :smile:
  7. I am very excited to see this color and turquoise too!
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing this color.

    By "impossibility" I simply meant that some of the colors are harder to come by than others.
  9. You must have seen Rouge Vermillion from the past season. S/S 08 Coral Red, also known as another Vermillion is not released yet.
  10. Hi Contessa... I have an 06 Vermillion WE and just adore her! Here she is for color comparasion..... also, she is a perfect match to the soles of my Louboutins. Hope you decide to go for it:tup:

    (personal pic)
  11. bella - you are so making me want a Red Weekender...
  12. Weekenders are sooo great!
  13. I can't wait to see this color!
  14. This is SO beautiful!!! Love the hanger too!!!

    I love pink, but lately I've been thinking I need a RED bag....a red BAL no less!!!!
  15. goodness that's seriously HOT.