Vermillion Day - Need some sunglasses for these!

  1. I've taken the plunge and just got my 07 vermillion day a few days ago and have come to love this color! Love the leather! It's thick and has just the right amount of distressing (Thanks "C" !).

    I love red but have always had an aversion to wearing it (too attention-getting) but I need to live a little :rochard:. It sure does pump up the colors in my little collection!

    So here it is! I *still* haven't seen a rouge vif IRL. But ladies, if RV becomes too difficult to find, vermillion is just has HOT!
    DSCF0036small.jpg DSCF0038small.jpg
  2. Congrats !!!
    I love Rouge !!!
    I'd love to see comparison pics : Vermillion vs Rouge Vif !!!!
  3. WOW :nuts: ...this new vermillion looks fantastic on your pics, I've never seen it IRL yet :yahoo: but I must say it looks as good as my 'rouge vif' ;) :yes: CONGRATS murasaki :flowers: !!! Thank you for sharing! ENJOY it :tender: :love:

  4. 'P' fromparis .... there was a nice comparison pic on a thread from cate22:

  5. That bag IS hot ... love the color! Congrats and enjoy your new day!
  6. Thanks fromparis, first, and asl!

    Too bad there isn't a IRL comparison! I don't think an RV owner would own a vermillion and vice versa but we shall see!
  7. Thanks First "I" : you're such a sweetheart !!!!!!
  8. it looks beautiful! congrats!
  9. That is one amazing bag. I like the way the color comes off in your pics. Very vivid red. Congratulations!!!:drool:

    BTW, post pics wearing her if you can. I love seeing this style being worn.;)
  10. Congrats on your new Vermillion Day! :yahoo:
    I wonder why some pics of vermillion seem so orangey and some not so much. Your is a lovely shade of red with slight (barely) orangey tone to it.:love:
  11. That bag is so pretty!!! Love the color and the style! I think days are growing on me.
  12. Thanks Christie, Fendi, Yaya, and ssm!! :flowers:

    Modeling pic below :shame:
  13. love it love it love it!

    Congrats murasaki! The vermillion is more "red" than I thought it would be, it is lovely!
  14. That is a beautiful bag. It is a great neutral color, I think, in that it adds a pop to all the other colors of clothes.