Vermillion and BBag Reds

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to BBags and have been drinking the BBag Koolaid. :yes: :nuts: therefore I am obsessed.

    I would like to get a Red Bag. Has anyone seen the Vermillion in person? Do you like it? How does it compare to other BBag reds?

    TIA !!!
  2. I personally didn't like vermillion. I saw a very slight orange tinge to it. I like rouge vif (FW06) the best, it's a bright red with a slight berry undertone. I guess some reds look better on some complexions than others.
  3. I would say vermillion is a warm, bright red - similar to the 2004 red that Nicole R. and Sienna Miller carry. Rouge VIF is a bright berry, cool-toned red. Rouge Theatre is a cool-toned red that is darker than the other two - like an overripe strawberry. The Rouge Theatre is my favorite of the three.
  4. i didn't see vermillion in real life yet but i think rouge vif is one of the best colours balenciaga did, i also like 05 FW red.
  5. I agree with circoit, vermillion is a warm red as opposed to a cool red. I personally love it. I have it in the day style (a few have posted their vermillion bags including myself if you search "vermillion" they'll pop up).

    The other red I love is the 05 rouge theater as well but I bought vermillion because I was (just very recently) finally on the market for a red bag and vermillion is more readily available in reputable department stores. I won't buy from eBay if I don't have to. It's just too scary now!
    atelier.naff will show you all the previous year's color swatches and there is an article about red bags with great comparison photos as well.

    Just a word of caution about vermillion, the vermillion first photos on the naff site IMO do not depict the color accurately. It's neither that faded or that orangey.. it's just a warm red like a ripe tomato or ripe watermelon flesh. It is more vibrant than you think... HTH!
  6. I like the 2006 Rouge Vif the best. To my mind it's the real "true Balenciaga red". The rouge theatre is too cool/blue/red for me - and the Vermillion is too orangish red.

    If i'm going orange - i'd rather have a rouille!!

    At least there's a bbag red to suit everyone! :heart:
  7. I like rouge vif and rouge theatre the best. I also think vermillion is a bit orange to me.
  8. ^^I respectfully disagree.
    ROUGE VIF is a bright clear red - closest to Sienna's red 2003 b-bag
    ROUGE THEATRE: is a deep blood red with no brown tones what-so-ever
    VERMILLION: seems like an ORANGE based red:




    PLUS: check out this comparison of ROUGE VIF vs. VERMILLION:

    ^^There's no way that VERMILLION looks like Sienna's "true red" bag. Her's is much closer to the 2006 ROUGE VIF! :flowers:
  9. Beauxgoris, what a great compilation of red bags you have (is the vermillion yours too?). Without other red bags next to it, I thought that Vermillion was a nice red color. In the store it didn't look too orange-based to me. I wonder if the undertone will vary by bag and lighting?
  10. ^^Thank you! No the Vermillion bag isn't mine. Two beautiful red b-bags are enough for me. I did check out the vermillion IRL too and thought it was orangy as well.
  11. I wear reds all the time. Red is basically my neutral color.

    The vermillion is pretty if you can wear those orange toned reds, but I cant'. My skin tone goes with burgundys & berries, but the more orangey reds make me look sallow.
  12. the color must vary greatly from bag to bag because there seems to be such differing opinions about whether it's orange or not. the ones i've seen were definitely an orangey red.
  13. i saw a red coin purse and red compagnon in Barneys the other day, the SA said one was rouge vif and the other was vermillion, but they both looked exactly the same to me. Although if i had to rely on the Barneys SA, id say in all actuality they probably were the same color :p

    however, all the vermillion bbags ive seen IRL, whether at balny or Barneys, have not appeared orangey at all, just a very bright red.
  14. ^^I totally agree. All the Vermillion b-bags that i've seen IRL look very orangy red to me too!