Vermillion 30cm togo birkin?

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  1. Hi, I have a chance at a vermillion 30cm togo birkin...I was wondering if anyone has this color and if so is this a true red or is it kinda orangy? I've looked in the ref lib. but it's hard to tell w/ just a swatch. I really want a red birkin as it was my grandmother's favorite color and I think it will be very sentimental as my 1st birkin!!! Also one other thing, this bag is being solg by mightykismet and the listing says vermillion lipstick red is this a different color than vermillion?
  2. ooh any pics would be great:smile: TIA
  3. Vermillion is GORGEOUS! Here is a picture of a Vermillion Togo Kelly (courtesy of NM)
    Vermillion Togo.jpg
  4. I love Vermillion - IMO, it's the most "fun" red: bright and cheerful. But I must confess that my bags are Chevre and the color is slightly different on Togo.

    To my eye, Rouge Vif has a slight pink undertone, Rouge Garance has a slight blue undertone and Vermillion has a slight orange undertone, but I'd never call Vermillion a true orangey-red IRL - it just might seem that way when being compared side-by-side to the other reds. And I'd also add that I've never seen a good photo taken of it - in pics, it always appears MUCH more orange than it really is.......(like the photo above). I'd definitely call it a true lipstick red, which is probably why that listing says that - the actual color is just Vermillion. hth
  5. Vermillion is red with orange undertone to it. It's not red-red. It's red with ornage feeling to it. I have exactly the same leather (togo) with vermillion Kelly. Please take a look.
    Picture 048.jpg
  6. Gorgeous color IMO and I don't even go for color!!!! I think it's a stunning red in a great to night without a problem!!!!

    Keep us posted, LVlover!!!!
  7. I own this one. Vermillion is a tomato red. It has orange in it...which is different than the Rouge Vif which has blueish-pink undertones. The grain is also important. I have a Vermillion Picotin PM and it looks shinier and brighter than the Togo. Good Luck, Make sure it's real. I have only purchased from Hermes stores. Getting it at the store is part of the joy. The photo of the Vermillion Kelly does not do the color justice. Vermillion is more red and less orange in person.
  8. So confused all the pics here look really orange! The picture from ebay is much more red!
  9. While this is swift and not togo, I think it really shows off the vermillon color nicely! Definitely a tomato red. I love vermillon and have a 25cm sellier chevre Kelly in vermillon on order (if it ever comes in). It is one of those colors that looks beautiful in every different leather. Did that help at all? :smile:
  10. Yes, Vermillon in Chevre de Coromandel is like tomato red.:yes: My avatar is true to the color in this leather. And Vermillon in Togo is exact shade of Aspen's Kelly & NM's, IMO. HTHs!

    The color will look brighter (tad of orangy..saw & handled 30cm IRL) in Chevre Mysore, IMO!
  11. I wouldn't call Vermillion a true red; it's definitely more of a tomato red as has been mentioned and is quite bright. Here's a link to mine in Chevre Mysore. The color will definitely vary in Togo--I think it's slightly brighter. I've seen MK's 30cm Togo, and I think a 30cm is a perfect size for a "loud" color like this. I do like Vermillion though b/c it's definitely not an in between color. It's bright and adds a nice pop to a neutral wardrobe. Let us know what you decide!
  12. I think in the stars and their Hermes, there's a pic of Kate Moss with her red one, and someone else who's name escapes me (clothes designer) - just to show how pretty the reds are!
  13. I saw it in chevre and it was the exact color of Campbells Tomato soup. :smile:
  14. Thank you for all the help! You guys are much more helpful than hermes!! I live near a small boutique (it's located w/in a nieman marcus). I just went there to see the various shades of red a make sure that I liked the vermillion color. I told the SA I would like to see someting in vermillion togo leather and she pulled out like 5 different things and they were all different shades and FOR SURE different leathers. Her response-these are all vermillion togo???? I don't know that much about the colors but I know the leathers and I was floored! There were some really orange reds in the there a red that is more orange than vermillion. Here is a pic of the bag that I may buy is this pic true to color. Credit for photo: mightykismet

    I really like the red epi leather from LV, however I don't like the epi line; is this a similar shade to vermillion?

    Thank You for all your help (and by the way if I get this bag I'm going to get a cute little silver hippo friend for her-it's soooo cute!)
    s30v.jpg p11157417_ph_hero.jpg
  15. I really like the vermillion! I think it looks great!
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