vermilion GH city up on Bluefly right now!

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  1. I actually just returned this. I got a message from Bluefly early this AM that they received it, and now it's up on their site. I have it in my cart again to hold it for someone from TPF....I'll leave it in there and if anyone wants it they should log in in one hour! Here's the link:

    It's a gorgeous bag. Nothing was wrong with it...but I'm just too conservative/plain to do vermilion with GH. :P
  2. Hmmm... no one's interested, huh? Should I release it from my cart early? :shrugs:
  3. I'm interested!!! How much is it?
  4. With coupon code it is somewhere around 1K...looks like someone got it...hope it was a TPFer!!!
  5. Luv, it's in my shopping cart now. Can you please tell me why you returned it? Was it just not "you" or were there things about the bag you didn't like (i.e. leather, poor craftsmanship, etc)? Thanks in advance :smile:
  6. DARN! I always miss these bluefly bbags! I wasn't interested in buying- I just have NEVER seen a City on that website----------- and now it's like A MISSION to see with my own eyes......
  7. It was gorgeous and perfect. No defects on the leather at all. I just didn't feel comfortable carrying something that BRIGHT!!!!

    I actually took a pic before I returned it - here it is:


    Hope you got it!
  8. I just returned a GH Truffle Brief... keep an eye out for it on Bluefly...
  9. Wow! It's gorgeous! I just bought it with 20% off :smile: Thanks so much for the pointer xoxo
  10. CRAP :cursing:!! I wish I had seen this earlier; it's exactly what I wanted (well ... the Part-Time would be better, but I would still take this!).
  11. Wow...way to enable, luvmygirls!! ;) That bag is just gorgeous.

    Does anyone know if Bluefly will take a return without the authenticity cards? I can't find the cards for one of the bags ... and the sad thing is that I don't even remember if it came with the cards to begin with. :P I still have the "million dollar tag" on it, though...
  12. I just returned the exact same bag. It's supposed to arrive at Bluefly Friday. So hopefully it will show up on the site tomorrow.
  13. wow...i will keep my eyes peeled!
  14. How come I can never catch up on bbags in Bluefly!?:drool:
  15. Thanks, fiatflux! I thought I would love the color more, and it was hard for me to return it since it was such a great deal, but I'm glad someone else can benefit and get this lovely bag!

    I don't know about the tags thing with Bluefly. I doubt that they would notice, but who knows? Plus, it's probably better to make them aware that the bag was sent to you without tags, so that they don't unwittingly sell it to the next buyer without full disclosure. I don't know. :shrugs:

    Good luck! :cool: