Food Vermicelli. Please help me make some & not mush


Feb 10, 2008
^^ as the title says. I would like to make some vermicelli noodles and even following the recipes I've found online. I JUST CANNOT DO IT. My mom told me her way, but then the noodles tasted undercooked. What am I doing
wrong. Below is what I want to make. It's noodles w/ rice (mmm carbs).
But I keep failing miserably. And I cannot cook the noodles w/ the rice b/c then it's just gross. What I need to do is cook the noodles, then crisp them ever so slightly in a pan & mix w/ my rice.

Any tips? TIA:heart:



Jun 13, 2007
Did you soak the noodles in warm water first? Usually I get a big bowl and fill it with water and then have the uncooked noodles soaked in water for 15-30 minutes before cooking for it to soften. Then you can cook them in boiling water based on the cooking directions of the package, usually 3-5 minutes or so?

Edit to add: after you remove the noodles from the boiling water, you might want to rinse them in cold water to stop the cooking process. That way, when you pan fry the noodles, they won't be overcooked.

I think that should eliminate any broken pieces of noodles. Hope that helps!
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Feb 11, 2006
The trick for not getting broken pieces is the heat, cook it in slow-medium, and don't cover the pot.

But which one are you talking about?

Boil the water. Then, pour them in. Wait until it's boiled again, swirl it with chopsticks(gently). Turn the heat to medium and cook for 7-10 min. At 7 min, pick one up and test if it's cooked the way you want it, if not, leave it for a few more min. Then drain them with cold water.

If it's this one, it depends on which dish you are cooking. Boil the water, then pour them in, wait until it's boiled again, turn the heat off. Wait for 3-5 min and then drain them with cold water.

If it's a stir-fry dish, soak the noodles in water for a couple hours, if you are in a hurry...use warm water. Drain them. Then, just pour them into the frying pan...sprinkles some water in, if needed.


Feb 10, 2008
no. I did not soak the noodles first. I will try the soaking them, then just frying them.