Verizon Wireless Open To Other Phones

  1. This is an interesting article I read today. It looks like we will soon be able to use the IPhone (or any other phone) on a Verizon Wireless network. Hopefully this will set a precedent real soon:yes:

    Verizon Wireless opens to other phones
    Verizon Wireless promised on Tuesday to allow its customers to download any application they want to their cell phones by the end of 2008, appearing to cave in to demands by Web search leader Google Inc.
  2. Sweeeet :biggrin: I might try to get a new one next year,

    Though I did just get the orange EnV on the Verizon network last week, and I'm very happy with it, since it's bulky and stable, unlike my evil old Razr and my SO's smudgy-screen Voyager. Does anyone else have that issue with phones that have flat screens on the front? Getting make-up residue on it? Bugs the crap out of me!!!
  3. ^^ i've always had that issue! just something you learn to live with. i guess i've kinda learned to keep the phone tilted away from my cheek area while talking on it. i used to have the first 'V' before the enV came out and jsut got the voyager last week.

    i wonder how the whole iphone thing will work, i heard they had some sort of contract with ATT so that only ATT would be the only company to use it for the next 3-5 years?
  4. ^^^

    Yes! I have a Razr or Razor, or however they spell it. The contract is almost up, thankfully. The screen always seems dirty and the keys seem to attract dirt. I wipe it down w/ face toner almost daily. Plus, I just hate the phone...
  5. I think the technology will still have to be compatable - CDMA, TDMA, GSM etc....... you just won't be limited to what Verizon is offering, you would have other options so long as it is network compatable.
  6. PS - At & T - diff technology - no iphone unless they come out with another one that runs on VZs network.
  7. The Razr is a total POS!!! I had mine for less than 6 months and it developed 3 major problems during that time. I was THRILLED to get rid of it. I asked the Verizon rep what would have better battery life, better signal, and better operation, and he flat out told me anything other than the Razr hah
  8. ohhh that would be awesome! I have Verizon and would love to be able to get the Iphone or another kind of blackberry not offered by Verizon...or the sidekick...

    Hopefully this will really happen, thanks for the read!
  9. Oh that'd be great! I have had Verizon for years and haven't wanted to switch just because I like another phone better. Although I do have my eye on the new Voyager and even though I just got a new phone I think I'm putting that one on my Christmas list.
  10. i love the voyager! the touch screen is so much fun! :smile:
  11. I'm actually planning to end my contract early and leave Verizon because I've been having nothing but problems.
  12. It's kinda ironic that Verizon is the first US carrier to do this because Verizon is the most restrictive (the same phone --eg treo-- sold by verizon will have fewer functions than sprint or AT&T because verizon blocks functions). lol I guess they wanted the subsidy the goverment is giving to unrestricted wireless companies.
  13. That article didn't get to specific as to what opening their network up really means. As it stands, Verizon uses a CDMA network, so only phones made with CDMA radios in them will work. Phones from T-Mobile and AT&T won't as they're no iPhone or Sidekick.
  14. "By the end of 2008, Verizon Wireless will open their network to any device which meets a "minimum technical standard." What that standard is, exactly, VZW isn't saying yet -- that will come in "early 2008." So any device (including applications) tested and certified in VZW's new $20 Million test lab is fair game for use on their wireless network" --- taken from Engadgets website
    The iPhone is a GSM phone, it would never work on any network that isn't GSM which Verizon isn't. The only 2 networks in the U.S that have GSM right now are ATT and T-Mobile, which people have already unlocked their iPhones and are using on T-Mobile.
  15. gahh i have this craving for the iphonee