Verizon Tech support could not help, but I bet the tPF members can! Blackberry?

  1. So, finally I buy a Blackberry, the 8830 World Edition. I download the software that they call VZAccess, no prob the install is fine. Then, the screen comes up where you click to connect...and I get an error message stating: "cannot connect because the password or user name does not match the domain" HUH? Never was prompted to set up a password..This happened on both my puters.. Called tech support, after one hour they did not know what to do. Has anyone experience this or am I the only lucky one?
  2. Hmm... I'm with T-Mobile so I didn't need to download anything so I haven't had this problem. The only thing I can suggest is to try downloading the program again? Good luck!
  3. I would say to delete it off your computers then try re-installing it. If that doesn't work you'll have to call tech support of the software...not verizon. There should be a phone number on the info booklet with the cd, if not just google the company name on the cd and get their phone number. Hope this helps!!
  4. You ladies are wonderful! Problem solved!