Tech Verizon Phone Releases?

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  1. Does anyone know when Verizon generally releases new phones? I've heard before that Thanksgiving is usually new phone time, and I know that the enV touch and enV3 have come out recently. Just curious if there will be another batch of cool phones this year, lol. I can upgrade in January and just wondering if the current phones will be my only options! TIA!
  2. verizon usually releases phones periodically throughout the year. If you wanna see whats coming out search future verizon phones and I believe the website is and it will have a list and release dates with them.
  3. i'll go there now. thank you!
  4. cnet also has a lot of phone info, as do blogs like engadget and gizmodo. If your update is in January, their lineup will look completely different by then than it does now. Lots and lots of new phones will come out between now and the end of the year.
  5. thank you both! i knew plenty Of phones would probably come out just didnt know if Theres already set months that i should be watching for. Thanks again!
  6. November is definitely the big month to be watching for new phones. In a way, January is the perfect time to be upgrading - all the good stuff will be out, but you'll have a couple months of release for the reviews to come in and prices to dip before you have to make a decision.
  7. yeah, I'm pretty happy about january. I have the LG Dare right now and really love it but sometimes a touch screen just isn't convenient! I'm hoping for some pretty bangin phones haha
  8. Look at the verizon section of howard forums for release info.
  9. thanks! on that site i learned this latest batch of phones has "threaded messaging" (like on an iPhone or iChat I believe) and now I'm way more excited for January lol. too easily entertained i suppose?!
  10. I know what you mean about the dare! I love mine but at times the touch screen can get annoying, in a way I wish I had gotten the voyager but oh well I didnt lol. I am making a goal for this phone to last me until october 2010 when I can upgrade again.
  11. I just miss having keys sometimes! I've also had some technical issues with my Dare but nothing too serious, I am on my 3rd or 4th Dare though. Other than that, I love it but i also wish I had something like the voyager. The enV touch is looking like a good prospect, and by January there might be more colors and the glitches of first generation should be worked out!
  12. Definitely around November. A lot of the new phones are coming out in Asia and will make its way here in a few months.
  13. Its kinda funny about me saying I wanted my dare to last until my next upgrade yesterday. Today about every 7th tect I get, when I go to open them the phone resets itself. I guess I will take it in to verizon tomorrow. his is my second Dare, the first one after 3 days the harddrive was completely fried.
  14. If you are looking for a smartphone (but then Verizon requires you sign up for the data/email plan) with actual keypad, HTC is a great one to try. I have the Touch Pro (touch screen but it also has a slide out keypad) and it's been working well.
  15. DO you guys know if verizon is going to get the new blackberry curve?